INSEE Cast Wall Mortar Innovative Wall System
2nd June 2020

INSEE Cast Wall Mortar : Innovative Wall System

INSEE Cast Wall Mortar is a cast in place system which is different from the traditional wall construction (brick and plastered) and pre-casted walls, which both of these systems often experience construction delays, joints between parts, cracks, and unstable wall. Over the years, INSEE Mortar team has continuously developed this type of wall system in order to meet customers’ needs and support the current construction technology. From this development, INSEE Mortar generates strong, smooth surfaces, and also increase flowability while casting with excellent sound absorption and fire resistance.

INSEE Cast Wall Mortar: Premio Quinto Kaset Project

Premio Quinto Kaset is an 8-stories condominium with 4 construction buildings constructed by Pre-Built Public Company Limited. This project chose to use INSEE Cast Wall Mortar, with the compressive strength of 180 kg / at 28 days. An area of about 10,000 square meters with a delivery system of bulk mortar with INSEE Mortar spraying system that can reduce labor, and work procedures. This is the first project for Pre-Built Public Company Limited who chose to use INSEE cast wall mortar, creating a satisfactory results. INSEE Mortar team hopes that we will be involved in the development of new construction systems to meet the customers’ needs in terms of product quality and service.