Siam City Cement Public Company Limited is mindful of and pays close attention to the responsibility toward the society, community and the environment by conducting business on the good corporate governance basis to create shared value and close relationship with all stakeholders continuously and sustainably. We give full importance to the development of the society both at the national level and the communities surrounding all our manufacturing units in which we operate. Our actions include CSR In-Process and CSR After-Process activities carried out through knowhow, expertise and resources of the Company as major tools with which to support sustainable development
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
Throughout the past 50 years, Siam City Cement Group has been conducting its businesses based on good corporate governance and society as well as environment responsibilities in accordance with the sustainable development. To create shared value and to exceed the expectations of all our stakeholders, which we believe to be the foundation for sustainable growth and business progress into the future.
The Company has developed the social responsibility policy as a guideline in carrying out the work in this area in seven important aspects:
Corporate Governance
Strict adherence to corporate governance for transparency, respect for human rights, and equal and fair treatment to all stakeholders, namely, employees, shareholders, customers, business partners and the communities.
Human Rights and Employment Practices
Care for the employees and respect for equal rights for human in accordance with the international norms on human rights and all related labor laws.
Customer and Supplier Relations
Care and pay attention with customers and to their recommendations in order to be able to completely fulfill their needs and create good and sustainable relationship with suppliers to build shared value.
Environmental Care and Sustainable Development
Be mindful of the environment and sustainable and giving importance to the protection of the environment, reduce the impact on the environment and the community by strictly adhering to the highest standard in environmental management.
Community and Social Development
Be attentive to the community and social development by supporting the sustainable development of the communities in all locations that we operate, as well as the society in general.
Controlling and Reporting
To follow up and report on various activities that are relevant to the operation including those involving the society to allow the general public to be aware of various channels where stakeholders may share suggestions and recommendations to be considered for continually improving and developing.
Anti-bribery & Corruption
Businesses are conducted in a transparent and ethical fashion as well as to strictly follow all rules and regulations.
* We encourage stakeholder feedback and consider their suggestions for future actions. We will periodically review this policy to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate.* This policy was reviewed on October 27, 2016