The management of safety and occupational health OH&S Commitment
The tasks involving safety is considered to be the duty and responsibility of all employees and contractors who must have the knowledge and understanding, and to follow rules and regulations and work procedure for the safety to themselves and to others, including the awareness to
act as the safety leader by displaying the determination to carry out tasks involving occupational health and safety to the best of their ability. This is considered to be an important characteristic of a leader in the Siam City Cement Group. With the understanding of the value of our personnel which is considered to be an important resource, the Siam City Cement Group has applied standards covering the tasks involving occupational health and safety to ensure a safe and healthy work environment while promoting the safety work culture that has been termed the “Interdependent Culture”.
Safety Cardinal Rules: “5 Do’s & 2 Don’ts”
The Siam City Cement Group has been enforcing the “Safety Cardinal Rules: 5 Do’s & 2 Don’ts” since 2015 with the aim to prevent accidents and loss that may occur in the Company’s operations. All employees and contractors have to follow these rules strictly.

5 Do’s are:
  • Fitness for Work
  • Vehicle and Traffic Safety
  • Personal Protectie Equipment (PPE)
  • Isolation and Lock Out
  • Reporting Culture
2 Don’ts are:
  • Safety Provision
  • No Alcohol nor Drugs
INSEE Road Safety Campaign
The Company sees the importance in helping to reduce road accidents which have resulted in tremendous loss of lives and properties. Therefore, It has introduced the “INSEE Road Safety Campaign” as well as arranging Defensive Driving Courses for both passenger cars and trucks for employees, transporters , and r franchisees to promote knowledge, understanding and skills in handling motor vehicles. Also taught in the courses is how to control and manage emotions, dealing with emergency situations while driving correctly and safely for the organization and to reduce road accidents.
Safety Leader Program
The Safety Leader Program has been designed to increase knowledge and skills in the management of OH&S, to enhance the balance between knowledge and expertise in OH&S with the skills of a person who can react to the situation of being the leader in OH&S Leadership Competency of Siam City Cement Plc. The program is moderated by speakers who possess real-life experiences and who can communicate the knowledge and experience comprehensively. Also, measuring and monitoring processes are carried out both theoretically and practically.
The digital technology development
Already put in place is the development of digital technology to “Online OH&S Reporting” which is used to report incidents and source of hazard in real-time, as well as to follow up the investigative process to prevent and rectify and to relay the information to the authorities involved. The reports can be done online through a mobile application and through the computer. The information can be stored in the database where statistics can be tabulated on accidents hazards and to follow up on the rehabilitation of the employees’ health. The system can also analyze any probabilities that can lead to further planning to reduce and prevent accidents and minimize occupational illness/disease. This has clearly contributed to the improvement of the standard in incident reporting within the Siam City Cement Group.