Economic Value
Good Corporate Governance shall be the foundation of the INSEE Group Company’s culture.
Any form of corruption shall be denied and rejected to protect the INSEE Group Company’s reputation, image and trust including its rights to operate.
INSEE Group Company shall continue to grow its business in a sustainable manner.
Value shall be created for all of the INSEE Group Company’s stakeholders.
Environmental Value
Preserve and use of natural resources recognizing their values.
Use energy efficiently and promote the use of alternate energy sources.
Prevent, control and reduce impacts derived from the INSEE Group Company’s operations to the environment.
Promote biodiversity and support forest habitation.
Social Value
Care and attention shall be paid to our employees. The INSEE Group Company shall operate with appropriate protection measures for injuries, damages or loss of lives from work.
Support to employees for their well-being, development and career advancement.
Care and support to the sustainable communities and society development which the INSEE Group Company operates.
Products and services shall be developed to add value and respond to the need of the customers and society.