“ZERO Harm to people and the environment.”
is the overall goal for the tasks involving safety, occupational health & hygiene, and the environment for Siam City Cement Group Companies.
  • We believe that injuries, occupational illnesses & diseases and the impact on the environment are preventable, by defining the tasks involving safety and the environment as being important to the business operation of the Group Companies and set the standards, regulations and processes accordingly, to protect and ensure that the personnel can safely carry on their tasks at hand while promoting the elevation of the sustainable responsibility towards the environment.
  • We are determined to provide consultation and the involvement of stakeholders to ensure that all operations conform with the provisions, regulations, laws, rules and other international standards involving safety and the environment by becoming aware of the prevention and modify activities that may impact safety, occupational health and the environment.
  • We are determined to promote and development innovations for the sustainability in the area of safety and the environment continuously as well as to promote the utilization of resources in the most cost-effective and maximum benefit.