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When suppliers/services providers will participate and use ARIBA Network system to sell products/services to Siam City Cement Public Company Limited. Suppliers/Services providers can register directly at link
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The current situation of E-commerce became more significant element for our today business. In order to become a part of e-commerce business cope Siam City Cement Public Company Limited has joined the network to try to link and integrate the various systems and vendors via the ARIBA NETWORK to help open the opportunity to distribute information communications in procurement works continuously.
Introduction to ARIBA Network World’s largest & most advanced business-to-business Network that lets businesses of all sizes to connect with trading partners anywhere, anytime from any application or device – to buy, sell and manage their cash more efficiently & effectively than ever before
5 million users
Connecting nearly 1 million companies
40+ million Purchase Orders
60+ million Invoices
$460 billion in commerce, commerce in 190 countries
72 currencies
36 VAT compliant countries
Benefits to supplier/service provider
Find buyers ready to buy
Accelerate the sales cycle
Improve customer retention
Predict and apply cash
Benefits to supplier who use Ariba Network system
Operate PO management system through Ariba to increase efficiency
and reduce cost of servicing and collaborating with SCCC
Increase customer satisfaction, improve customer retention,
and grow your business with SCCC and find new customers
Increase opportunity for new business both local and abroad
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