It demands that good intentions be transformed into actions.For us, this means acting on our pledge to make high quality products with the least impact on the environment.
So we spare no efforts to reduce dust, carbon dioxide and other emissions. The result is that emissions of dust and various gases at all three of our factories are well below the limits set by government regulations.
We are also determined to preserve energy and natural resources.The less of these precious resources used today, the more remains for future generations. That is why we embrace programmes such as reforestation - and of course the development of alternative fuels and raw materials (AFR).
We believe that the use of AFR will reduce consumption of fossil fuels, and will also help reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other process by-products We have continual plan to monitor ambient air, water, sound level and vibration at the community around our cement plant for ensure that our process bring the least impact to their health and environment who we care.
We promoted and supported activities to developing and recovering both of natural resource and human resource such as grow tree beside the highway (in Saraburi), training for develop the builder’s skill (in Thailand) can help reduced environmental impact indirectly.
Our commitment to show leadership in respect of environmental issues is detailed more fully here, in a broad overview of our Environmental Initiatives.
“ We are by no means complacent - we accept that we still have much to do, both as a company and as an industry - but we are making progress ”