Mr. Paul HeinzHugentobler
Chairman of the Board of Directors
For the past of INSEE, we have made it to our commitment to be responsible for society and environment based on good governance.
We aim to increase values of our stakeholders; customers, shareholders, employees and also our society.
We believe that our company growth must come together with the sustainable development of our society and provide the good environment for the next generation.
The most important factor to drive our company towards the sustainable development is to cultivate the ‘Green Thoughts’ to our employees. And create our sustainable corporate culture that will be a strong root for our company.
Recently,our dedication to social development became more visibly from our “Green Heart” campaign and our “SD Roadmap” with long-term target and annual progress reporting. We believe that our solid plan and target will enhance our values on economic, society and environment to all stakeholders and create a last long and sustainable partnership into the future.