In year 2010, in order to enhance our SD policy to be more visibly and clear, SCCC develop ‘Sustainable Development Roadmap’ for year 2011 - 2020 with 6 main categories under
‘Green Heart’ idea.
CO2 Emission Reduction
Our target is 20% reduction by 2020 (based on year 2007). Reduce CO2 emission from production process from 750 kg. per Cement ton to 600 kg. per Cement ton.
Stakeholders Engagement with
Green Heart Activities
All parts of SCCC, to initiate and promote eco-friendly activities to stakeholders (employee,society,business partners, nation, etc.).
Key activities are; Green Factory, Green Village, Green Heart Bank,
Green School, Green Park, Green Procurement, etc. Key successes;
we are the first cement producer to receive Green industry level 4 (Green Culture) in 2012 and the first cement producer to receive Green industry
level 5 (Green Network) for all factories in 2014.
Community Involvement & Development
All sites and operation units must develop community engagement plan in places, The plan covers both CSR-In Process and CSR-After Process and encourage community involvement for community development activities
Zero Waste to Landfill
To achieve zero waste to landfill by year 2018(extended from Y2015) for SCCC group company . SCCC, INSEE Ecocycle platform, Conwood and INSEE aggregates already achieved the ZWL target since Y2011 by using 3 Rs concept ( Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ). While the main challenge is with ready-mixed concrete business where most of waste came from the surplus concrete returned to the company by the customers
Green Heart products & services innovation
Develop Green Heart Label system regards to ISO 14021 and enhance eco-friendly products and services and promote to customer and society. Our target is to achieve Green Heart products and services net sales 40% of total revenue The company already reached to the targeted in Y2019
Water Conservation
To reduce water consumption 20% by Y2017 from Y2012 base year, and to develop water management system for improving water management and conservation effectiveness. The company already reached to the targeted in Y2018