SCCC is well aware that the key to success in doing sustainable business is the create value for all stakeholders. Therefore, the Company has set “value creation for stakeholders” as our business goals as we believe that understanding and good relationship with all stakeholders would create major benefits as follow:
Serves as a solid foundation for a strong business operation
Allows the business to set effective policies and appropriate work plans
Uses the suggestions and recommendations of stakeholders to support new innovations and solve certain problems
Promotes good image for the business and supports our license to operate
We have identified all major stakeholders and analyzed their expectations through our dedicated communication channels which has allowed us to access the stakeholders’ opinions as well as encouraging their involvement policy planning and major projects in order to add more value to all stakeholders and to create lasting relationship, as follow:
Major stakeholders
Our goals
Communication channels, or ways to foster lasting relationships
Major stakeholders: Customers
Our goals
Responds to every need to be a part of the customers’ success
Communication channels, or ways to foster lasting relationships
Constantly surveys customers’ opinions
Arranges regular small meetings and customers’ visits
Develops communication channels, promotes on-line transactions for increased speed, convenience and effectiveness
Develop more value added products and services for customers and public
Major stakeholders: Employees
Our goals
Takes care of the employees’ safety and work environment, promote good livelihood and create opportunities to develop and advance in the work place
Communication channels, or ways to foster lasting relationships
Develops leadership capabilities in supervisors to be more attentive to subordinates
Promotes engagement and two-way communications
Develops environment and safety culture in the workplace
Regularly surveys the employees’ opinions
Major stakeholders: Communities
Our goals
Implements CSR-in-process by preventing or minimizing operational impact on the communities including creating projects to continuously support the communities’ sustainable development – the so-called CSR-after-process
Communication channels, or ways to foster lasting relationships
Regularly surveys the communities’ opinions
Develops communication channels, both official and unofficial
Arranges factory visits for community leaders and the public
Promote the community’s engagement in various projects and manage major projects in accordance to the Social Engagement Scorecard
Creates the Fund for community development and environment, as well as the advisory panel in relations to community relations
Major stakeholders: Goods & service suppliers
Our goals
Promotes good cooperation and mutual support to create business opportunities and mutual growth
Communication channels, or ways to foster lasting relationships
Announces and implements the Suppliers Code of Conduct
Announces and implements the Sustainable Procurement Policy & Guidelines
Arranges meetings to promote good communications and training programs on various topics
Promotes the creation and activities of the INSEE Green Heart Logistics Club
Major stakeholders: Shareholders
Our goals
Carries out business operation with good corporate governance while building sustainable progress for the organization
Communication channels, or ways to foster lasting relationships
Organizes the Annual Shareholders Meeting
Regularly communicates and arranges field visits and participations in CSR and environmental projects
Major stakeholders: Government agencies & independent organizations
Our goals
Strictly adhering to the laws and provide good cooperation with the government sector and to seek out opportunities to for joint activities and projects which are beneficial to the society and nation
Communication channels, or ways to foster lasting relationships
Studies legal implications and controls all aspects of the business to ensure legal compliance
Participates in meetings, seminars and forums with government agencies, as well as supports official exhibitions and seminars
Supports and participates in projects for society and nation as organized by the government sector and organizations such as the Chai Pattana Foundation
Major stakeholders: Media
Our goals
To promote good understanding of the Company’s operations among the media, including policies and major projects so that the media would be able to communicate them more accurately and properly to our stakeholders and the general public
Communication channels, or ways to foster lasting relationships
Regularly supports the media with information, operational facts and figures, and progress of major projects
Regularly arranges opportunities for the media to meet the senior management, visit factory and participate in CSR activities
“ Effective communications and the promotion of participation by stakeholders is an important foundation of business operation, for mutual support in creating added value to all stakeholders, society and the nation.”